Photo Decals

I purchased and have tried to use photo decals, but when I fire, there is nothing there.   I have red the instructions repeatedly.    Is there a secret?  

Yes, the secret is the ink

Yes, the secret is the ink that you print with.  Are you using a laser printer?

photo decals

Not only do you need to print with a laser printer, it has to use carbon toner. Evidently some use a polymer that would just burn off.

For anyone who lives around Portland, Oregon. In October Bullseye is having a free class on transfering images onto glass.



Photo Decals

Here's are two links I found when I was considering doing photo realistic decals.  It sounds like you need special "ceramic toners" in an inkjet printer for color, or a toner with a high iron oxide content in a laser printer, to get it to work.  Hope this helps.



“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul” -George Bernard Shaw


Perfect!  THanks so much

Perfect!  THanks so much for the info!

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