Waterjet cutting

I am interested in finding someone to do some custom waterjet cutting on some fused slabs that I want cut into shapes that are too difficult to do by hand or too slow to do by bandsaw.  Any one have any references?

Water jet cutting

Here's a place in Sacramento:


Places in Northern CA:


 Here's some other info I have found:

http://www.waterjets.org/. includes store listing
There is a company here in Hillsboro Oregon called "Water jet design" that has experience cutting glass the guy's name is John Groth. He is very good.
Robin murphyhttp://www.thegoddessrocks.com/    ***kokopelli, goddess
I have a waterjet cutter and alot of my cutting is glass. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me. info@TheGoddessRocks.com

I have not tried any of these, so let me know how they are if you do try one.



A sandblaster makes a great

A sandblaster makes a great poor-man's waterjet.  The raven in the piece below was cut by using a buttercut resist to mask the bird and then moving slowly around the edge with the blasting nozzle about 1/2 inch from the glass.

It took about 20 minutes using silicon carbide and a pressure pot setup.

Helios Kiln Glass Studio


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