Problems with texture mold fusing


Having problems with fusing on a texture mold  (greenman 12 x 12). My problem is that the result is an uneven fusing. Some edges pull away (shrink) while other edges are too thick. My kiln is level in both directions, my shelf is level in both directions and the texture mold is elevated by level kiln posts. I have pictures but having trouble with photo bucket. My total thickness is 6mm . When I fire 2-3mm thick 12 x 12 on the shelf it comes out level and square.

One positive is that the bubble squeeze worked very well

Uneven fusing in re texture mold


I'm still new to fusing, but I've recently discovered that, as most molds are handmade (so I've heard anyway), they don't always have level interior & exterior surfaces. Could it be that the bottom inside surface isn't quite level? I know that some of my dishes, though completely slumped, rock a little when set on a flat table. One would think, if that were somewhat exaggerated, that could cause the glass to shift more to one side in the molten state. Just a thought.

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