Fused project warped and broken

A 9 X 12 fused 2 layer project, shattered during cool down  Paper under, all 96 coe, on inspection did not fully fuse, AND it is warped.  Can't put it together again, the pieces don't fit.  Never ever had a warp before in many years of fusing.  Only thing different is center piece of glass was a slightly thicker piece with stringer bits in it.  That did not shatter, mainly the border.  It all was flat on the shelf before firing, now what's left of it just rocks!  Do you think humidity could do this? or a very, very slight depression in my 16 inch square kiln shelf?  I can't figure it out.

warped glass

I think I just solved my own problem.  There is just a slight depression on that kiln shelf.  It is not level.  I think air got trapped under my large piece of glass.  I need to flip that shelf over and use the other side. As for the shattered glass--I will make something truly unique out of the remnants.

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