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Hi All

I have a query I need some help with!

I'm about to get my first glass kiln, would it be practical to have my workstation and kiln in two separate locations? I won't be able to use my kiln at home but will want to assemble my pieces at home and then move them to the kiln. As I have to drive to where the kiln will be I won't have as much time to design pieces there as I work full time.

My thought is that I will build up as many pieces that I can fit in the kiln at home and then fire them all together at the weekend. I'm worried that during transport my designs will come apart even I do use glue to hold them together.

Any suggestions will be appreciated Smile



It's possible, but not very

It's possible, but not very efficient. You would be doing all the lay-up/assembly once you get to where the kiln is, and even with glue, things are going to shift during the drive.

Dana W.

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