Beginner question

Hi all

I am new to this. I normally work in ceramics...but I want to fuse some glass bottles together in the shape of a cube. I have a steel cube that I can possible use as a mold.

So my plan is to spray with some kind of high temp mold release and fire in my L & L kiln.

the bottles are about the thickness of coke bottles. Can anyone help me with a firing schedule? My kiln is computerized and I am familiar with segments, ramps etc.

Any help or suggestions appreciated!!

Thank you!!

Beginner question

A big consideration with glass fusing is glass compatibility, one factor of which is COE. Most things in our world expand and contract in response to temperature. With glass, if two pieces expand and contract at different rates, they will crack.

A lot of the glass people use for fusing is "tested compatible". Different bottles may or may not be compatible with each other. A single bottle is only compatible with itself. So... you may have varying rates of success at trying to fuse together different bottles.

All that being said, check out the Glass with a Past web site for a lot of good info on fusing with recycled glass. Jodi McRaney Russo has a lot of tutorials:

Dana W.

Fused Glass Designs

dba Jester's Baubles

thank you! I will check that

thank you! I will check that site out.

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