Glass won't etch

I just bought a large bottle of etchall etching liquid. Tried etching some bullseye glass - clear tekta and had very poor results splotchy and uneven (3 pieces). One piece won't etch at all even after an hour. Also tried problems uroboros clear. Wouldn't etch at all. Tried a 2 later fused transparent orange etched but uneven. Etched a jelly at the suggestion of the company. Etched fine. All I got back from them was the jar etched so nothing wrong with the product. I guess I'll have to go I to the jelly jar business

My experience with Etchall

I have found that I needed to make sure the glass was extremely clean, and that I had to leave the Etchall on longer than the instructions say.  I believe I was leaving it on twice as long.  I wash my glass with Dawn and hot water, air dry, then swipe it with rubbing alcohol just before etching.  I hope that helps.


my experience with Etchall

Since I posted this problem with etching glass. i found out the following. No matter how clean the glass or how long it was emersed in the solution. it would not etch clear nor would it etch transparent glass effectively (blotchy). I then went and got Armour liquid brand and had no problems. It etched clear, transparent and opals in just 5 minutes. I left it in longer and didn't change the effect of  5 minutes. In fact it echted clear a liittle to well. Have to work on that. Thanks for your post.


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