As a beginner, I am using a microwave kiln (far less expense!), but would love to make my own moulds.  Does anyone know if fimo clay, once fired and covered with glass release, would work?  Many thanks.

i dont think thats a good

i dont think thats a good idea... id be worried it would over heat and burn.

FIMO is a polymer, it won't

FIMO is a polymer, it won't hold up at glass fusing temps.

Look into making your own silicone molds for freeze and fuse. I would worry about other methods in a mickey-kiln. If a clay mold blows up in your brick kiln, it's not that big of a deal (relatively speaking). I think it would be a bigger issue if a clay mold blew up in a microwave. You could try plaster... I think that might hold up OK.


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