Repairing a broken slumped platter

A sushi platter, 12 x 12, fused with 2 layers plus accents on top broke into 4 pieces when dropped.  What temperature is recommended to flatten the pieces and then put them back together on a (thin?) clear layer and refire?  Is this possible?  Thanks for your help.

re: Haven't been so successful myself


In no way am I setting myself up here as all-knowing but your question certainly deserved a good answer. So here's a start.


In my experience I haven't been so successful at this endeavor.  Either my pattern came out misshapen or I managed to get devit.  I would certainly spray for devit and if you think your pattern is likely to Spreeead and then contort, perhaps just putting some frit between the existing pieces as a design inclusion might work?

Hope this helps!

Windows listen attentively for the sound of broken glass.

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