Bubbles with fiber paper

I never had this happened before so I am perplexed. I was following a program for fiber paper as a texture base for my glass.

12" glass circle-System 96  3mm clear over 3 mm transparent blue over fiber paper. 3 mm Center 5" circle opal blue. Large hole in opal blue, large spaces under opal blue. Small uniformly place holes along the edge of the piece on top facing. I want to include photos but I can't upload them- help here to. I have them on my desktop. Firing schedule in a 24 x 24 Jen Ken kiln top & side elements. Did the fiber paper hinder the even heating where there was 3 layers of glass? But why did the edge have uniformly spaced holes on the surface?

250   500 30 min

250  1150  30min

100 1150  30min

400  1480  10 min

400  1500 10 min

400  950  90 min

100 800  10 min

200 700   0

Any chance you could post a

Any chance you could post a photo?

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