sluming grey goose bottles

I just started slumping bottles. I've seen grey goose bottles that after slumping they hold their color. Mine lost the grey and blue. What should I do so they hold the colors.

I read something recently

I read something recently that they changed their paint formula and the colors no longer hold. If you can get hold of some older bottles you might have better luck.

grey goose

just my way of doing it--i sandblast most of the printing from the back of the bottle--also put a piece of thinfire under the printing so it does not stick to the shelf--then you must scrape and recoat the shelf--tou know how tha goes--good luck


Different paint...

I know I'm 2.5 years late to the party - but as I was heating up my batch of bottles, that was my thought that they changed their formula... I could smell the paint burning off as it was ramping up... they still look cool... just not striking like they were... now to try Belvedere and a few others...

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