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Does anybody use an air brush to add color to glass before firing? I have looked for tutorials on how to mix powders and enamels but can't find any. I have a couple air brushes but have never tried to use them. Any links or help you can share?



air brushing enamels

In the past, I air-brushed transparent enamels from Reusche' but that was before I realized how dangerous that is!! Please don't do it. Lead particles become airborne, and even if you wear a good mask, those particles are going to deposit on surfaces all over your studio. Just not a good idea.

I have recently air-brushed stainer enamels (lead free) also from Reusche' and have had moderate success with them. Color choice is limited, but they air-brush easily and cure fire at around 1200 - will tolerate higher temps if need be.

Purchased some Bullseye Colorline and some air-brush medium, but haven't had a chance to try them ... unfortunately, these enamels require firing in the 1400° range, so your glass will "move", and in some cases, the colors will change a lot. This seems to be the general problem with most other enamels that I have purchased ... they require higher firing temperature than I would prefer to use.

Fuse Master does make a low fire line of enamels that cures under 1200°, and will survive 1400° - I have some of them, too, but haven't tried them. At least with FuseMaster (from Fusion Headquarteres) there is a decent palette of colors. Fuse Master also sells Air-Brush Medium. Most of the enamels I mentioned are "opaque," but when air-brushed in very thin layers, they behave more like transparent colors.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.


Air Brush


That is tons more info than I have been able to find online.


Air Brushing

If you want to see air brushing that will knock your socks off, take a look at Raphael Schnepf's work - his portraits on glass are absolutely gorgeous. His process is very unique and gives unbelievable results. His own site doesn't really show the portraits well, but you can find some of them here:

and if you google Images For Raphael Schnepf, you will also see some of his portaits on glass work.

I am still amazed at the detail and the beautiful edges he gets using multiple layers of air-brushed stainer paints from Reusche' and many firings.

Raphael Schnepf

That makes me want to toss all of my glass tools out. That is some great stuff

Know how you feel ... I left

Know how you feel ... I left the workshop with Raphael wanting to be able to do the same kind of work, but when reality set in, I realized that I could just add those new skills to my "toolbox" and find my own path. Pieces that I do now are a combination of fusing, tracing, matting, glycol/enamel, screenprinted enamel, screened powders, photoshop, airbrushing. For me, this eclectic approach works and keeps what I am currently creating both interesting and challenging.

So don't toss all of your glass tools out just yet ... they're pretty handy!

This book covers airbrushing

This book covers airbrushing (along with a variety of other techniques):

Dana W.

Jester's Baubles Fused Glass Designs

Air Brushing

I would like to try airbrushing glass paints onto fused glass.  Does anyone have a recommendation on which airbrush to buy?

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