Cutting a ceramic mould/mold?

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This is my first post to the forum, but I could not find that my question had been raised anywhere previously. I am relatively new to fusing, having previously been a lead and copper foil glass person. I'm really enjoying fusing and have learnt lots so far.

I have a Skutt Hoststart kiln and have been using several moulds/molds (I'm British so we use mould!) to slump glass. I recently purchased a wine bottle slumping mould, only to find that it does not fit my kiln by c2cm. Has anyone ever tried to cut a ceramic mould with success? I was wondering whether a tile saw might work, but am nervous about trying it. My partner suggests I should just sell the item, which is probably more sensible. Any thoughts very welcome, thanks.




Cutting moulde

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yes, you can cut ceramic moulds with a tile saw. But you need to consider whether you will need to do that to all the bottles

Stephen Richard

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Many thanks Stephen, I will

Many thanks Stephen, I will give it a go. The mould is much bigger than any of the wine bottles that I have, so hopefully will not need to cut them.

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Mold cutting

Make sure you cut the top of the mold uppermost. Or as I have done to save chip out that tile saws cause make a shallow cut on the underside then cut from the top side. You need to have a variable depth adjustment on your tile saw of course. If thats not an option you will get chipp out but on most molds who care about the underside. BTW don't use your glass blade to cut molds, dams or mullite shelves. The materials are softer than glass and a glass blade has a thinner kerf but can clog the diamonds.


Thank you Vital Spark for the advice. We've discovered that the tile saw we have is not deep enough, so will be 'borrowing' a relations one, with his kind permission.


So I borrowed a deeper tile saw and we cut the mold, starting at the bottom edge - in case it would notch out bits - but it did not. It cut easily and successfully and I have now slumped over 10 bottles in the mold (so no after effects!). Thanks for the advice provided here.

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