Can I fuse regular paper coated with glass powder between two layers of glass? Will it burn off?

I am looking for a way to personalize a wedding gift. Will this work?

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Hello Pat!

You cannot use regular paper in a kiln, it will just burn away. You can however draw or paint on Bullseye thinfire shelf paper with Glassline Chalk, pens or enamels and fuse between two pieces of glass.



Yes, the paper will burn

Yes, the paper will burn off, and you will be left with the glass powder. You will also be left with some residual ash from the paper, and you may get bubbles around the edges of the paper so make sure to use a good bubble squeeze (and perhaps even "chads" -- small chips of glass at the edges to allow a pathway for air to escape).

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What am I missing here?

Anything put between the glass layers will remain there in some form.  Always.

If you mean to fire in two stages it is possible, I suppose.  Possible is putting the frit onto the fibre paper and capping it with a sheet, firing to tack fuse, remove and clean.  Then fire over base layer, with long bubble squeeze, might get your result.

Trying thinfire or any ceramic fibre paper will leave residue of the paper inside the glass.

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Paper that will be fused out

Paper that will be fused out from the layers and then those layers will be more complicated to handle will be vaguer. It will be burn off in the case of the more layers website have a dealer who will be the burner worker.

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