Bullseye New York

Well it's about time! Bullseye opened a Resource Center in Mammaroneck, NY. Not far from NYC but with real live parking. They are offering classes, just fledgling but it's a start. They have a crash course on cutting which I am taking.


Worth keeping an eye on.


I got my drivers license a

I got my drivers license a year ago when I was 22. I read my license and it said it has already expired. I assumed it HAD to be a mistake. I went there and they said it wasn't a mistake. That if you get your license over a certain age, you have to renew it a YEAR LATER. So now I have no license Write Cheap Custom Essay and have to pay 80 dollars to take the eye exams and get a new license when I just got it a year ago. I am so beyond angry right now.

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