Kat's Sliding Knot Tutorial - with VIDEO!

Greetings, all...I thought I would share a technique I learned a few years ago that I used with all of my fused glass pendants that I sold at shows and festivals.  It's a cost effective way to sell your pendants.  I just started working for a company doing tutorials, and I finally created a video on how to do this.

I purchase my round leather cord from Leather Cord USA...consistently smooth, round, and many colors.  Very durable.  I got "Greek" leather from a large internet retailer of jewelry supplies...it cracked, it smelled bad, it wasn't round.  I can't name them, but I left reviews on the pages.  Hopefully they've resolved it by now...

Don't forget that waxed cotton/linen cord is a great alternative to have handy for your vegan customers.

I have also done the video backwards for my lefty friends!


Just giving back!

Kat Kramer
Kat Kramer Design/Glasskatz

White Swirl


I've done quite a few

I've done quite a few pendants with the Chinese sliding knot. I use silk cord, and then warm the ends a little with a lighter to help stop the fray.

Dana W.

Jester's Baubles Fused Glass Designs


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