open neck bottle slump

Hi. I'm very new to this. I'm still a virgin. I haven't even plugged in my kiln yet. (I thought the wiring was ready but it's not.) I've been reading and studying for a week now. I think I'm learning the book part but I know the real world will be different.

In my studies I've seen some slumped bottle bowls that have an open neck. Do you have to just get it timed right or do you put something in the neck to keep it open?

HI depending on how open you

HI depending on how open you want it to be, you add that thickness of fiber board. I have seen bottles made into cheese and cracker platers were they have but a 1/8 fiber board in the neck, and then slide the blade of a small decreative cheese spreader inside.


I thought that was it. I like the idea of puting the knife in the neck. Thanks.

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