Kiln Venting

Hello all,

As usual, I will throw out the newbie alert. :)  Thank you for being so patient with me and all of my questions! You guys are the best.

Well, I did it. I ordered a glass kiln. Ha, now I just feel overwhelmed and nervous. I thought I would be excited? Oh well, no turning back now. Anyway, my question is about venting. It will be in the basement of our house and I am concerned about the fumes. From what I have read, most people believe that an actual venting kit is not necessary for glass (like it is ceramic). I am very concerned about firing (especially recycled glass) and not having any nasty fumes.

Opinions please? Thanks again!

Kiln Venting

I felt the same confusion with my first kiln and ended up venting. I hardly ever turn it on unless I am either using fiberboard or rigidizing fiberboard. There are really no noticeable fumes when you are just fusing and slumping.


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Most of the things that burn

Most of the things that burn off in the kiln - most glues, shelf paper, fiber board/paper binder, etc. - produce only nuisance (i.e. non-toxic) fumes. Some people are more sensitive to them than others. When in doubt, request a MSDS (manufacturer's safety data sheet) from the manufacturer. That will tell you if you need to be concerned.

As for the glass, that should not be a worry.  Even lead crystal can be melted in a kiln without much concern (

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