Glass stuck to slumping molds.

I have 2 small slumping molds with 4" square pieces slumped over them that were coated with kiln wash....(I am a newbie, but I have had 6 other molds release with the same wash.) that will not come out of the molds...any suggestions??

Slump or drape?

You say that athe pieces were "slumped over".  Does that mean that the glass was to drape over the mould on the outside?  Normally a slump would be to the inside of the mould.

If it is a drape, then a ceramic mould is often difficult to get out, especially if there is no or a negative draft to the mould.

The other thing I have found is that some moulds are being used for slumping that are intended for casting, and so are more difficult to use.

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Yes, sorry, they are draped

Yes, sorry, they are draped over a mold.  This is a glass mold I purchased from Delphi or Glass Crafters and it is not possible to put on the inside or any other way for that matter.  They are making small pieces to hold tea light candles and so forth....any suggestions?

Re: glass stuck to slumping molds

Just because they sell it doesn't mean you should use it ;)

If you decide to slump over ceramic molds, it is best to use a layer of 1/8" thick fiber paper between the glass and the mold. This gives the glass a little "leeway" when it cools around the mold. There are various methods to try to get the glass off the mold, all of which might be used with varying degrees of success.

Here's my experience with a ceramic floral mold from Delphi:


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Your story cracked me up and looking at your picture I have a piece stuck just like the one in the picture! LOL  On a side note I do have one stainless steel mold but I have not used it yet...not sure I like the idea that I have to heat it up to kiln wash it...may try using it with fiber paper and see what happens though.


My husband put a knife blade between mold and glass and hit the blade with a hammer.....and it worked!  Molds and glass pieces have been seperated and without breaking them! Yeah!  Next time I will be using the fiber paper! LOL

There is also boron nitride

There is also boron nitride spray, which doesn't require the stainless to be heated before applying.



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Getting glass unstuck from mold

I fused 4 one inch penants and all four stuck to the mold.  I had kiln-washed the mold before using. Looking online many mentioned heating the mold/glass up in the kiln to 1000 while having the mold upside down.  I found an alternative and much quicker solution that worked for me.  I put the mold in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. When I pulled the mold out and flipped it over all four pieces dropped out when tapped.  Plan B would have been to reheat!  Julie

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