With the exception of firing schedules for casting, which are outside the scope of this article, glass fusing schedules can be broken down into these seven phases*:

Heating Phases:

•    Initial Heating            •    Bubble Squeeze             •    Final Heating

Change Phase:

•    Process Step

Cooling Phases

•    Rapid Cooling            •    Annealing            •    Final Cooling


Firing Schedule Overviiew


Mastering firing schedules requires no more than a good understanding of what each phase does so that you can adjust it to accommodate your specific needs.

With that in mind, let’s warm things up!


* For the purposes of this article, a “phase” is a part of a firing schedule that has a singular purpose.  A “segment” is a single cooling or heating step, plus any temperature hold.  These are the steps we program into our kilns.  As you will see in this article, a single phase might require multiple segments or just part of a segment.


fusing soft glass

So, I haven't fused glass before, I have had my kiln for over 3yrs,Anyway, an artist friend who as been trying to get me back out in my studio suggested to Pilchuck glass school to send me a request to donate one of my art pieces to thier yearly action.I think she did a good job this time of getting me going again. I started out with making fabricated silver and gem stones years ago. Then, I learned how to lamp work glass beads and to anneal them properly I neede a kiln so I have that, During that time my husband of 32yrs, decided he needed to get on with his life. So, with a 15 year old still at home and owning my small business. I do hair design and theraputic massage, and have  just been making ends meet. So I have lots of effetre glass rods, so I am thinking of fusing a piece of one of my faces that I draw. This drawing is called Luna in fire stage, so it has alot of bright colors in her face and hair with a background uf a moon glow around her face and then fades to sort of a dark blue-gray. So,I was looking on Frantz Art Glass page, They have some Effetre sheet glass in 2-3mm and 3-4mm.Which would be the thickness I would be better off using? They also have stringers on sale and frits and enamels.I think I want to make a rectangle to hang on a wall. The full sheets they have are 20 by 20 inches, I am thinking of using a transparent clear with a sort of vasoline sheen to it. Would I be better off to use a white solid base or go with the first one? Then I was thinking of doing the details with fine frits and enamels as well as using strigers I would preshape. Is this workable? If you all have any suggestionsand or tips I would be greatful. Thank you for taking time to read this. Sincerely Wendy





































Was there any comments on her question?

I'm new to the site, so I may have gotten ahead of myself.  I have found some valuable information, and will be fusing something tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I hadn't let the date of Wendy's question guide my question in wondering what an answer to this may be.  I was interested in the fusing schedules and found myself reading her question..


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