Stack 'em!

For this two tutorial I’ll show you the making of two puddles.  Each one includes seven 1/8" thick layers of 3 X 3 inch glass.

Glass sheets ready to be stacked!

Place the stack(s) of glass in your kiln as shown.  The glass is going to spread, so be sure to leave plenty of empty space around each stack.

Glass stacked in the kiln ready to be fused.

Fire the kiln using the following schedule (which should work fine for 90 or 96 COE glass):

Segment Ramp Target Hold
1 500° F / hr 1225° F 1 hour
2 FULL 1500° F 30 minutes
3 FULL 950° F 1 hour
4 150° F / hr 725° F none

As with all firing schedules, you may have to adjust this one for your kiln and/or project. If you are firing layers that are much bigger than 3 X 3 inches you may need to slow the ramp in the first segment to avoid thermal shock (especially if your kiln has side elements).

If you happen to peek when the kiln is at full-fusing temperature, you should see something like this:

Hot melted fused glass puddles!

Your seven layers of glass should spreading to about one third of the orginal height.

Here’s what the glass looks like when the firing is complete:

Just wait until we flip them over ;-)

Take your fully cooled puddles to your work table for the next step...


I love this idea... I was just thinking how to get this affect! Can you use less or more then 7 layers? Do you have to adjust the firing schedule? Can't wait to try this!


I've done these with fewer layers, they are not as dramatic, perhaps, but just as much fun!  You can do more layers, but remember that the stack will spread out more.  Also notice that the higher up in the stack the piece is, the thinner it will be once fused - the bottom piece will be about the original thickness, but each higher layer has to spread over a larger area.  Too many layers, and the top could thin enough to "break" and allow the lower layer(s) to show through - could be interesting!


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Shelf paper or not?

Hi all...


For the first fuse of the 7layers, do I use shelf paper or fuse right on the shelf?



No Shelf Paper

You have to do this on a shelf. Shelf paper will crack as the glass moves and you could have glass stuck to the shelf if is it not primed and/or have shelf paper stuck in your glass as it spread.

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