Endless Possibilities

Finished striped cabochons!

This technique is a great way to make jewelry components - but don’t stop there!

Fusing puddle pieces together is a great way to create interesting designs and patterns for larger works of glass art.

Here are just a couple examples:

Fused sushi tray by Paul Tarlow

Fused glass by Paul Tarlow.



new jewelry idea

What a great way to come up with blended colors!  So many color combinations running through my head.  I am anxious to try this method but I'll have to get some more kiln wash as I usually use fire with shelf paper.  Thanks for the idea.  Smile


So what exactly wil happen if I fire on Thinfire? I really hate kiln wash!

Thinfire will work - but it

Thinfire will work - but it is a lot harder to get a really shiny finish (especially on sandblasted or acid etched glass).

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My mind is already whirring

My mind is already whirring into gear!  Can't wait to try this...



I really like your puddles pieces and so appreciate you sharing your information.  I do have a question regarding your finished projects.  It almost looks like you didn't do a firing to flatten the cabs, but incorporated your chunks in a piece.  On your top piece for example it looks like 3 layers of glass to adjust for the thickness.  Is that correct?


I do so love the way it looks

Thank you

Yes - the puddle piece is 3

Yes - the puddle piece is 3 layers thick.  I did not fire the chunks into cabs first - I just piled the chunks and damned it

The trick is getting the right amount of glass.  If you can estimate the number of cubic centimeters then you need only multiply that number by 2.5 for the number of grams of BE/S96 glass.

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endless possibilities

Using Dichro in pressed glass

Have you tried including dichroic glass in one of the pressed pieces? - Sharron

Puddle piece

I am fairly new to fusing but cant wait to try your puddle pieces. what do you mean by you damned it , i am assuming this is in reference to getting the pieces lined up. can you direct me to learning this technique please. thanks! Mindy L


Hi Paul,

Just made my first batch of puddles and am now excited to try the "other projects".  It looks like you cut each layer of glass into the shape you wanted and then filled between them with the broken pieces.  Is this correct?


Using "mistakes"


I adapted this to use up pieces from my "mistake" pile in place of sheet glass and got some interesting effects! Great idea. Thanks!


Haha Mindy, I think he dammed them, not damned them.

Nice work Paul! Thanks for sharing.

Puddles of fun

Oh my goodness, I can not wait to try this! Thank you

acid etched glass

Hi Ive just joined yout group and was wondering

Where would i get acid etched glass from please?

Glass Lass



Fire polishing

Some advice please. I made a flat disc using the broken stacks, which I then put it on a drop out ring. so I have quite a deep bowl. I have cut off the rim, which is now not shiny. If I fire polish to 1400  this will it collapse or will I have to support it again using the same drop out ring?


Wow, that was really a

Wow, that was really a creative art. It inspired me a lot to learn and make something out of it. I found this article in book report australia writing services. The colour combinations you used are very attractive and trendy too. I will definitely try this and make some creative glass pieces.

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