Step 6: Your Finished Bowl

After your glass has been fired and cooled to room temperature, remove the glass from the kiln and clean off the fiber paper.  This may require some scrubbing with a stiff brush and water – but the results should be well worth it.  Depending on your kiln and the specific colors you used, the powders may not have fired long or hot enough to have become shiny.  If this is the case, you may fire polish the piece, with the powder design up, to get the desired finish.


Finished firing


If your leaves had any “woody” parts such as branches then you may notice those features can be seen (and felt) in relief on the surface of your glass.  This is the result of the fiber paper binder burning away before the more substantial parts of the plant are gone.  The weight of the glass pushes the plant into the fiber paper creating a very shallow mold.  This effect can add wonderful dimensionality to your work.

Fossil Vitra

You have a number of choices for finishing the surface of the work.  Sandblasting (lightly), fire polishing, and acid etching can all provide different and dramatic looks to the completed work.  A simple slump for this piece made for a lovely, one-of-a-kind bowl.

Fossil Vitra


Paul, this is fantastic! 

Paul, this is fantastic!  Your tutorials are always so easy to follow.  Thanks for giving us the heads-up on the link.

I am headed into the studio.

Thanks for the direction and inspiration.

Hi, Paul, Thanks for these

Hi, Paul, Thanks for these clear instructions! One question: On the first stage of firing, the chart calls for 60 minutes hold time, but the instructions say "half-hour hold."  Please clarify!



Wonderful idea. Thanks for posting!

fossil vitra

Loved this tutorial am planning to try right away.

Fossil Vitra

I am new to this site and this is the first thing I read.   I am excited about trying it!

Fossil Vitra

Just about to start a new Glass class and was at a loss as to what i could do for a new project.

Thanks, I feel inspiredSmile Yours look so lovely.


pressed leaves and flowers

I live near Seattle. We are about to loose all our leaves and flowers for 8 months. Can I press leaves and flowers now for use later?


Terry Ow-Wing

Terry Ow-Wing Designs

Kilnformed & Lampworked Glass Art


Great now I know why I'm saving ginko leaves!!    


Thanks - Terry Ow-Wing

I have used gingko, Japanese

I have used gingko, Japanese maple, and leatherleaf from a floral boquet. . All turned out nicely.

I did try mica powders on some maple leaves, and those were complete failure, but all the "fritted" leaves have worked well.




Jester's Baubles Fused Glass Designs

dried plants

Hi, I'm new to site and to glass fusing so this is more of a comment than a reply to your direct question Laughing,  I have used a similar technique with metal clay.   It seems to me, from that experience and from Paul's tutorial on firing schedules, that dried plant materials may actually  work best since they'll burn faster and therefore minimize bubbles?    On the other hand... possibly they'll burn too fast to imprint on the glass?  hmm...   If you've tried either dry or "wet" plants please do post about your results.



Using Frit AND Mica powders on plant material

Hi Dana - did you ever try mixing some mica with frit?  I was also thinking that mica could look fun with this technique...  I read Paul's "recipe" for mica paint and one comment he makes is that ..."only the mica touching the glass will stick after fusing".    And in this tutorial here, he reminds us that the last layer applied to the leaves will be the layer that sticks to the glass and the first layer applied is the one that will show after fusing.    With that in mind, I'd try mica in the last layer and start out with transparent frit ?....

Just a thought...


Quick questionss. is it

Quick questionss. is it possible to do this without the kiln paper? I normally kiln wash my shelf, rather than use kiln paper. Would it work ok?



P.S: amazing results, can't wait to give it a go


Paul & Helios are the best!  Great instruction, great information, great sharing. & great people!



"Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am"


Ive been wanting to try this out ---Im going to try it . Thank you so much for your clear detailed instructions

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