Glass Kiln Selector

Looking for a glass kiln? The good news is that there are well over 200 models from more than half a dozen manufacturers.

The not-so-good news is that there is a mountain of information to sort through - so here's something to help.

With this tool you can:

  • Click on column headings to sort the table on that column.
  • Narrow your selection with the filters at the top of most columns

Just click on the image below to launch our interactive glass kiln selector in a new window.


great tool

I really like this tool, but to me it would be even more helpful if I could select ranges - for example on interior height or price.  Also, what is IC under controllers?  Might help to explain that for newbies :)

This is a fantastic tool. I

This is a fantastic tool. I would change the filter for price. Instead of listing exact prices I would find it helpful if there were a range (ie 300 to 500, 500 to 750, 751 to 1000 etc) That way I could see what was available in my price range.

Again, an excellent tool that I will refer people from other boards to check out.



Kiln selector

Great tool if you are in the market for a Paragon kiln.Aren't some of the smaller ones front loaders? I can't imagine using anything but a top load kiln.I'm always fussing with the piece till the very end,adjusting shifted pieces of glass,adding frit,ect.  Marty

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