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Xanax 2Mg Online Xanax Cheap Overnight Buy Alprazolam Online Overnight Buy Name Brand Xanax Online Watch out for this women/Shes trying to Trade mark the wording of Verre’Eglomise

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     In Online Xanax Doctor, “Desert Glasshopper” <glasshopperaz@…> wrote,
    > Recently I have had to undergo my first real round of someone trying to steal my copyrighted work & designs. AND use my trademarked, registered and copyrighted names (for the business, process, products). Of course that is a long protracted legal battle. But in the meantime I would like to make you aware of a few things.
    > Anyone other than myself & Desert Glasshopper Studio offering “Verre’ Eglomise Glass” workshops is unauthorized, and most likely unqualified. A local person here took one class in VE, and is offering classes in the same community that I am in. He is also using the copyrighted & trademarked name. You can trademark any name that hasn’t been registered. Verre’ Eglomise (this spelling version) belongs to our studio. Look for our class in this unique process at our two studios, Glass Craft Expo, Glastar, and other places around the USA and abroad. Currently we are the only studio that teaches our special method. While the process has been around 400+ years, obviously techniques change, process and especially products change. We have patented OUR special technique (which includes our special products that we specifically developed for this process). We also include kiln formed or kiln cast glass in this process.
    > As many of you know, I am also known for my glass face sculptures. All of my faces (except for one) I made the life cast of each person. I actually met with them, cast their face, and then went through all the various steps of making a kiln useable mold. One that holds up to the weight and size of my glass, and yet has some “give”, and shows incredible details (like eyelashes and wrinkles). A class in this process WILL be offered this fall at my studios. BEWARE there is this same man offering “Float Glass Faces Classes”. This man is inexperienced, and is trying to get money into his studio asap. He actually has tried to pawn off a piece of his work as mine. And he & a friend of his removed a special mold from my studio. Without my knowledge or permission. Police are involved for the theft. As you can see , this whole business of people imitating your work can be crazy. I have taught my techniques and methods to students for 10 years. I applaud my students who have taken my teachings and made it their own, and are very successful in the glass world. I am so very proud of them. However, dishonest, evil, underhanded, thieves are not my cup of tea. And that is what I have recently encountered. Someone who has made a history (in multiple states) of taking other’s designs, methods, techniques and trademarks. It is unfortunate that we all have had to pay for legal fees to protect ourselves. So please check the credentials of your workshops. The old “who-what=why=when=where” of their education, art, etc..

    Buying Xanax Online Cheap

    A notable self-publicist and self-agrandiser who seems to go through periods of paranoia-like symptoms. Very plausable in my experience.  She has not had time to patent this process (if it is even patentable) in the time since she began using the term.

    Stephen Richard

    blogs at: Online Doctor Xanax Prescription   and  Online Xanax

    Can I Buy Generic Xanax Online


    As for a patent, there is considerable prior art (hundreds of years worth of it) that would make her ineligible for a patent – unless she has developed a substantially original process.

    As for a trademark, as a descriptive term, Verre’Eglomise would be ineligible under US trademark law unless she can prove that she has, through considerable investment and over an extended time, developed a secondary meaning for the term which is uniquely associated with her (or her company).  Calling that “unlikely” is an understatement.

    The fact that she has believes she has any claim to creating faces from float glass would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.  Yes, it is frustrating when people copy our work — but very little work is truly ours since whatever success most of us (myself included) enjoy is built on the shoulders of those who came before us.



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    I was finding a girl that was going to trade mark that all what I need to have this it was honor for me to getting this case. I was happy so I get all the details of this case through Buying Xanax Online Forum this was the company that work for the students since long.best assignment<!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}–>

    Buy Original Xanax


    Spot on,Paul. Misleading at the very least.

    She should be ashamed of herself.

    The other Jim



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