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    Thanks to Paul’s tutorial, we now have more experimental fun. I have tried this technique twice w/ moderate success. My first layer on the leaf is clear (fine) frit, then layers of enamel powders from Delphi Glass, finally capping with 90COE glass from Bullseye. The enamel powder doesn’t seem to melt much and I get a sandpapery result, altho my firing schedule is cranked up to full-fuse. I tried using a bronze mica powder as one layer and it was not successful–I may have sprinkled too much. After a good scrub to get off all the leaf ash, I re-fuse again w/ a clear cap. The first try left an unsatisfying rippley-bubble appearance inside. For my second attempt at clear capping, I placed small clear chips at corners so that the surface of the F.V. piece could smooth out a bit before the clear encased it. That seemed to work better. I’d be interested to find out what other Mad Scientists have been discovering using this process.


    Pam B

    Pam B

    I too just had to try this.  I used the fused pieces in a stained glass panel and have gotten numerous compliments.  I just used glass powders in different shades of green with clear textured  spectrum stained glass on top of the leaves.  I love the texture the leaves left on the glass and the patterns turned out perfectly with no plant residue.  I do plan to play around with this some more.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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