Eco-friendly Christmas Ornament…fused air freshener globes?

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    Okay, this is the weirdest request…

    I really like the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers air fresheners, but I’ve been unable to throw away the little globes that contain the oil!  I keep thinking…they’re the perfect size and shape for a Christmas Ornament…I want to maybe put some copper wire or mesh in them, add a nichrome loop to the top, and fuse them flat.

    Here they are on Bath and Body Works’ site. Click here.  Isn’t the shape pretty??  It’s got such potential!

    I’m assuming that since they are attached to a heating unit, that they are probably made of something like Pyrex with a low coefficient of expansion.

    I might try fusing some tomorrow night for some eco-friendly Christmas gifts…anybody have any suggestions on what temperature might work?

    Have an eco-friendly Christmas, everyone!




    Here’s a picture of the glass globe from the air freshener.  Use strong pliers to pull the wick, and the plastic ring will come with it.  I put the cap in the recycling bin…I wonder if it’s recyclable?



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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